Door to Door

Door to Airport air freight service - provides daily departures to worldwide destinations. This service includes pick-up at origin city and aircargo transportation to the destination's airport. The consignee must arrange pick-up of the shipment at the airport. In the event of an international consignment, customs clearance is required and duties may apply. This must be arranged and paid by the consignee at destination. Door-to-Airport air freight charges may be prepaid or collect.

Door to Door Service - the shipment is handled from the shipper's warehouse or door, all the way to the recipient's location. We arrange customs clearance at destination and delivery. Custom duties, tariffs and/or taxes at destination are based on the commercial value of the shipment and is payable by the consignee or receiving party. All consignments are handled on a next-available-flight-out basis to ensure expedited delivery.

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