Pet Transport

From our Pet Transport Services team, who specialize in making all the travel arrangements for your pet, to our Pet Handlers, who care for your pet during the travel process – we all love your furry family member!

Relocating Pets requires careful planning and gentle handling. There are many details to attend to when transporting your pet across international borders, different regulations may vary by the destination and you may feel overwhelmed when planning sending your pet across the globe. Don´t worry! Whatever the journey, we are going to be your guide along the way and make sure that you and your pet receive professional and thoughtful service throughout the trip. Our staff is experienced and careful, we will very take good care of your beloved pets!

Our services:

Air freight service for pet animals worldwide.
Customs clearance
Advice on animal import and export regulations.
Import customs clearance and delivery to your new home at destination.
Suitable transportation containers (plastic) or custom-made containers for larger animals (wooden).
Guidance and help through the process, so you will always know what is happening and keep well informed during every step of the journey.

Highly Knowledgeable

Whether it’s juggling veterinary protocols, understanding the quarantine requirements of countries worldwide, or ensuring your pet has access to food and water while they travel, we have the information you need. We make the entire pet shipping experience hassle-free and are dedicated to transporting your family safely right to your front door.

Caring Team

Caring for your pets is our job, and we put the welfare of your animals above all else, always. Pet safety is always our top priority. But we also care for you. We’re here to answer your questions, support your decisions and make sure you feel comfortable and confident in our pet shipping service at all times.

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